Ohio Deer Hunting – Can and Cannots

Ohio Deer Hunting

Ohio Deer Hunting – CAN do’s:
  • When Ohio deer hunting you aid or assist another hunters who
    Ohio Deer Hunting
    Ohio Deer Hunting

    are hunting deer if the Ohio deer permit has been filled in, he or she does not carry any Ohio hunting implement commonly used to kill wild animals, and has a valid hunting license. Those persons exempted from having a Ohio hunting license and deer permits for Ohio deer hunting on their property are required to have a Ohio hunting license and deer permit to aid another Ohio hunter off of their property or to hunt deer off of their property.

  • Take more than one deer per day as long as each deer has been tagged with a game tag and a deer permit has been filled in before hunting in Ohio for the next deer.
  • Possess a communication device as long as you do not use the device to aid a person in pursuing or taking of deer.
  • Use certain handguns during the youth deer gun season and deer gun season. These handguns must: a) have a barrel length of not less than 5 inches; b) use straight-walled cartridges (no shoulder/ neck; straight-tapered wall is acceptable); c) be .357 caliber or larger; and (d) not be shoulder mounted.
  • Leave a deer or deer parts with a taxidermist, fur buyer, cold storage, locker plant, or meat processing plant as long as the confirmation number is attached to the animal and all of its separate parts. Persons receiving deer from another person must keep the confirmation number with the animal and all of its separate parts.
  • Hunt coyote and feral swine (wild boar) during the deer gun season, the youth deer gun season, and the Ohio deer muzzleloading season with a Ohio deer hunting license and a valid deer permit for Ohio, using firearms legal for deer hunting while visibly wearing a vest, coat, jacket, or coverall colored solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange. A valid deer permit is on that has not been filled in and used to check deer.
  • Ohio Deer archery hunt during the youth deer gun season, if the archery hunter in Ohio is not accompanying a hunter participating in the youth deer gun season and is wearing hunter orange.
  • Hunt deer over bait, except on public land (restrictions apply, see pages 42 and 46).
  • A person possessing a valid Ohio concealed handgun license may carry their Ohio concealed handgun while hunting, but it may not be used to shoot, shoot at, or kill any wild animal. For more information go to ohioattorneygeneral.gov.
  • In Ohio you are permitted to Archery hunt during the firearms deer hunting season. Archery hunters in Ohio must comply with the hunter orange requirement and follow all regulations specific to the deer gun season.

Ohio Deer Hunting

 Muzzloading Season

Ohio Deer Hunters CANNOT do the following:
  • Hunt or pursue deer with a shotgun or specific straight-walled cartridgeOhio Deer Hunting Outfitterrifle loaded with more than three shells in the chamber and magazine combined.
  • Hunt with any rifle or posses rifle ammunition during the Ohio deer muzzleloader season, other than a muzzleloading rifle .38-caliber or larger.
  • Hunt or take a deer with a gun or possess a loaded firearm while going to and from deer hunting during the deer gun season, the youth deer gun season, and the Ohio deer muzzleloader season, at any time other than 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Muzzleloading firearms are considered unloaded when the cap is removed or priming powder is removed from the pan, or when the battery is removed on electronic systems.
  • Carry a handgun while hunting deer during the Ohio deer muzzleloader season and the archery season; have more than one firearm while hunting deer; carry a handgun being used during hunting in a concealed manner. Except as noted above under A Deer Hunter Can Do the Following.
  • Use a muzzleloading handgun for hunting.
  • Carry a firearm while hunting deer with a crossbow or longbow. Except as noted above under A Deer Hunter Can Do the Following.
  • Have attached to a longbow or crossbow any mechanical, electrical, or electronic device capable of projecting a beam of light.
  • Use dogs to hunt deer. Leashed dogs may be used to track wounded deer.
  • Possess shotshells containing shot during the deer gun season, Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2016, unless waterfowl hunting when the season is open.
  • Carry the deer permit of another person.
  • Hunt coyote or feral swine (wild boar) between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise during the deer gun season, youth deer gun season, and the deer muzzleloader season.
  • Use any device capable of transmitting or receiving a person’s voice to aid in the hunting or taking of deer.
  • Pursue wounded deer or other wild animals or recover dead deer or other wild animals from private property without the written permission of the landowner.
  • Receive or possess a deer or parts of a deer unless such deer or deer part is tagged as required, or unless the deer or part of a deer has a statement showing when and where legally taken, the date received, and from whom received; or an Ohio Division of Wildlife tag, seal or certificate or other proof of ownership which shows the deer was killed by a motor vehicle in Ohio; or an official tag or seal and valid nonresident license issued by another state if taken from outside of Ohio; or certificate of ownership or receipt issued by a law enforcement office. Shed antlers do not require a certificate of ownership or receipt by a wildlife officer.
  • Construct, place, or use a permanent-type tree stand, or place spikes, nails, wires, or other metal objects into a tree to act as steps or to hold a tree stand on public hunting lands. It is also unlawful to make any of these changes to trees on private property without first getting the permission of the landowner or the landowner’s authorized agent.
  • Check a deer as a landowner if the hunter is a tenant of the property, unless the tenant is an individual who resides on land for which he or she pays rent and whose annual income is primarily derived from agricultural production conducted on that land.

Ohio Deer Hunting

Other Game During Deer Seasons

The Ohio Division of Wildlife conducts annual controlled Ohio Muzzleloading Seasonhunts on a number of managed areas that are not normally open to hunting. The dates and locations of these hunts vary from year to year. For more specific information about controlled hunts, visit wildohio.gov or call 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543).

Participation is determined by computer generated random drawings. The application period is June 1 through July 31, 2016. Hunters may apply at wildohio.gov
using a credit card. If you prefer to submit an application via U.S. mail, hard copies of the application are available by calling 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543).

Other controlled deer hunts are held at various locations around Ohio, including specific state parks and metro parks. The Ohio Division of Wildlife is not involved in the management or administration of these hunts. Ohio Antlerless deer permits MAY be used in these controlled hunts throughout the season if they meet requirements set by the Division of Wildlife and the entity holding the hunt has received authorization from the chief of the Division of Wildlife. It is the hunter’s responsibility to check with the agency holding the hunt to see if it qualifies.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife conducts several controlled deer hunts for young hunters. See pages 30-31 for more details and other youth hunting opportunities.